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German business delegation find opportunities in Kurdistan Region

Erbil, Kurdistan Region – Iraq (krg.org) – Representatives of 50 German companies and Germany ’s Ambassador to Iraq yesterday concluded a trade mission to the Kurdistan Region.

The largest business delegation to visit the Region so far met with Prime Minister Nechirvan Barzani and other Kurdistan Regional Government officials, and attended the annual Erbil International Fair.

Mr Christof Weil, Germany ’s Ambassador to Iraq, joined the business delegation in Erbil and hosted a reception for his countrymen to meet Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) ministers and leading members of Kurdistan ’s business community.

In his speech at the reception, Prime Minister Nechirvan Barzani said, “The Kurdistan Region has developed a secure and politically stable environment which is ready for foreign investment. It is important for business delegations to visit our region to see for themselves the opportunities we have to offer.” He added, “The German people have always been friends to Kurdistan’s people and we look forward to building relations and interactions between Germany and the Kurdistan Region as well as all Iraq .”

The Ambassador thanked the German business delegation for coming to Iraq and complimented the KRG on the Region’s progress. He said, “It is wonderful to witness great development throughout the Kurdistan Region. The stability has made such development possible, and it is this stability which has signalled to our Embassy in Baghdad and leaders in Berlin that it is time to open a full consulate in Erbil .”

Last summer Germany decided to establish a consulate in the Kurdistan Region and is hoping to have one open and operating by early 2009. Germany first came to the Kurdistan Region with an Honorary Consul, and now operates an Embassy Office headed by First Secretary Mr Cornelius Huppertz.

Minister Falah Mustafa Bakir, the KRG’s Head of Foreign Relations, said of Germany ’s decision to increase its diplomatic presence, “We see this as a very positive sign as we forge ahead to build better relations with our friends and neighbours. In line with the Prime Minister's efforts, the Kurdistan Region has become the gateway to the rest of Iraq and offers many opportunities for businesses and countries to establish themselves.”

Germany follows many other countries in sending business delegations to witness the economic boom in the Kurdistan Region. The 50 businessmen and women were brought together by Germany 's Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology and the German Near and Middle East Association.

KRG Interior Ministry unveils statue of fallen American soldier

Erbil, Kurdistan – Iraq (KRG.org) The Interior Ministry of the Kurdistan Regional Government has honoured a fallen American soldier at the opening of a police college in Erbil.

At a ceremony led by Mr Karim Sinjari, the Minister of State for the Interior, a statue of First Lieutenant Ashley Henderson of the 385th MP Battalion, Fort Stewart , Georgia , was unveiled last week. Lieutenant Henderson’s father Mr Mark Henderson attended the ceremony, alongside US Major General Jerry Cannon, Commander of the Civilian Police Assistance Training Team (CPATT), Brigadier General James Boozer, Assistant Division Commander for the Multinational Division-North, Colonel Margaret Burcham, Commander for the Gulf Region Division-North of the US Army Corps of Engineers. Several senior officials from the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) and federal Iraqi government also attended the ceremony.

Lieutenant Henderson had worked on behalf of the Coalition Forces with the Interior Ministry in Erbil and been a strong advocate of the building of a new police academy, providing space for administration, accommodation and training of cadets, with the financial assistance of the US government.

Lieutenant Henderson was killed in Mosul, outside the Kurdistan Region, in 2006, but her work helped set the project in motion and it became a joint effort by the US government and the KRG.

Minister Sinjari said, “First Lieutenant Ashley Henderson was a woman of courage and determination. We are honoured to have worked with her. Her family and colleagues should be proud of what she did for her country and for the people of Iraq in the liberation of our country. Her statue will act not only as a remembrance of her but will also inspire our police cadets to live up to her standards of commitment and professionalism.”

The new academy will have accommodation and facilities for up to 650 people. At the ceremony, police cadets marched carrying the Iraqi and Kurdistan flags and demonstrated some of their martial arts skills. Major General Connor and Minister Sinjari, as well as other dignitaries, spoke of the hard work that had gone into the project and that it symbolised the cooperation and friendship between Kurds and Americans.
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