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Massoud Barzani, the president of the autonomous Kurdish region in northern Iraq, appears to have moved the country closer to partition after asking MPs to form a committee to organise an independence referendum.

It will strengthen our position and will be a powerful weapon in our hands

Iraq is effectively partitioned now; should we stay in this tragic situation that Iraq is living? Of course, we are all with our Arab and Sunni brothers together in this crisis, but that doesn't mean that we will abandon our goal,  "I have said many times that independence is a natural right of the people of Kurdistan. All these developments reaffirm that.

Forming a Kurdish state is a project; it has to take into account regional and international countries,” said Masum, himself a veteran Kurdish politician.   We were promised referendum,  And he Will give us...

The majority of Kurdish nation want an independence Kurdish state. Dr. Fuad Masum interview is speaking on behalf both for the PUK and Iraq's interests ONLY. Who are against Kurdish independence. He has ignored the wishes of the majority of the Kurdish people and billions Kurdish martyr's who have paid expensive price by the crimes who has been committed genocide and Anfal by the bloody Arabs nationalist for over century. How dare you? He should be ashamed of himself forever. History will never forgive your shameful remarks. What's difference between you and bloody Saddam ....?

Some think this is the best time to declare independence, others think it is the worst. Both sides have legitimate arguments. If you are a leader of a self declared independent state (there are about 15 in the world, with no international recognition), your immediate problem is to provide security and a way forward towards prosperity for your people. If you cannot deliver on those, external powers will take over in no time and you will be worse off than before (esp. if you are an Iraqi Kurd with rights in the constitution and $1bn/mo income and Superpower protection). The Kurds are inching forward towards their own state. The referendum is necessary and P. Masum is right in saying holding the referendum does not mean the Kurds will declare independence the next day. There are bubbling emotions for independence among-st the Kurds. Their voice will be heard sooner rather than not "for a long time". Solve the ISIS problem first (although this may take an unexpected turn towards achieving default Kurdish independence), secure the oil revenue, and the Kurds will be a 95% Independent State with soon to be international recognition hopefully including one from the U.S. Emotion alone will not achieve independence, nor wisdom alone. The Kurds need both to move forward towards their goal! .