,’ says spokesman for Kurdish-led Syrian Defense Forces

Turkey-backed Syrian fighters inspect the site of a car bomb explosion in the northern Syrian Kurdish town of Tal Abyad, on the border with Turkey, November 2, 2019. (Bakr Alkasem/AFP)

TAL ABYAD, Syria — A car bomb killed at least 13 people in a Turkish-held border town in northeast Syria Saturday, as thousands of Kurds in the wider region protested against “Turkish occupation.”

The bombing ripped through Tal Abyad, one of several once Kurdish-controlled towns seized by Turkey last month in a deadly cross-border offensive.

To displace true owners of the land and to settle Syrian refugees in Turkey to their homes in NE Syria, Turkish army and its proxies are now creating chaos in Til Abyad by explosions targeting civilians,” Mustafa Bali, a spokesman for the Kurdish-led Syrian Defense Forces tweeted.

“Turkey is responsible for civilian casualties in the region it controls,” he said.

Meanwhile, in the Kurdish-majority city of Qamishli, thousands of Syrian Kurds marched in the streets to protest what they view as a Turkish invasion.

No to Turkish occupation,” they cried, brandishing flags of their once semi-autonomous region and its fighters.

In the German capital Berlin, the police said around 1,000 people protested to “stop the war” against the Kurds, while hundreds in Paris called for sanctions against Turkey.

US troops return?

The truce deal signed last week between Ankara and Moscow demands Kurdish fighters withdraw from the border.

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