Brett McGurk in northern Syria. Photo: Delil Souleiman / AFP

Brett McGurk, a former US envoy to the anti-Islamic State (ISIS) coalition, was on Friday appointed the Middle East and North Africa coordinator for the National Security Council of the incoming Biden administration.

The election of McGurk was good and important news for the Kurds and during his time a lot of help was given to the People’s Defense Forces and democratic Syria

McGurk was the US envoy to the Global Coalition to Defeat Daesh (ISIS) from 2015. He resigned from the role in December 2018, when US President Donald Trump first raised his intention to withdraw troops from northeast Syria.

Turkey in uproar over McGurk

The Turks outlandish attacks on US envoy Brett McGurk hint at the anxiety in Ankara over US relations with Kurds.

Brett McGurk helped Kurds militarily.


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