Kurds believe Joe Biden will prevent Turkish military action against the Kurds.

Following the occupation of the Kurdish region of Afrin by the Turkish army and Ankara-backed Jihadists groups in the spring of 2018, there have been numerous reports of human rights abuses by these groups against the region’s residents and environment.

Syrian Jihadists have given green light to Turkey to commit widespread human rights violations against civilians in Afrin, and the international community’s silence on these actions has emboldened Turkey and its allies to change Afrin ethnic context, kidnap people, rape women, cut olive trees burn fields and rob antiquities.

Immediately after entering Afrin, Turkish and yrian militants looted the towns and villages of the Afrin region in front of reporters’ cameras, forcing many residents to flee, killing civilians, arresting arbitrarily, torturing unjustly, kidnapping and raping women. The violations made many people to quit their homeland.

The Washington Institute wrote in a report on the reactions in Syria to the election of Joe Biden: “The election of Joe Biden will improve the position of the Kurds in negotiations with the governments of Syria, Irak, Iran and Turkey.

The American institute considers it necessary for Joe Biden’s government to support Kurds to fulfill his statements during the US elections in support of the Kurdish-Arab forces in Syria. The report highlights the most important demands of Kurds from Joe Biden’s government is to help the Kurds enter the peace talks and involve them in drafting a new constitution

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