American thinker and philosopher Noam Chomsky, in his opening remarks at the annual conference on the liberation of Syrian Kurdistan, held by Rojava University in Qamishli, described the survival of the north and east of Syria as a miracle over the past few years.
“The key issue is how to stop US-backed Turkish attacks. Meanwhile it is important to see what approach is taken against the Damascus government,” Chomsky told the video conference, according to Hawar News.
Chomsky expressed hope that the new US administration headed by Joe Biden is different from that of the Donald Trump administration and may be in favor of the Kurds.
“I do not think they should be as ruthless as Trump. I do not think Biden, like Trump, would approve of a Kurdish massacre. What matters is the functioning of civil society. It is a support that can be formed in civil society and among the people, because that is what influences the policies of the new government,” Chomsky told the conference.
 “If there is no pressure from the people, the United States will continue the same policy. Although Biden is different from Trump, one should not expect too much. That is why everyone should put pressure on Biden,” Chomsky further noted.
Professor Chomsky advised the northern and eastern Syria administration and said: “The first step is to guarantee women’s rights. South Africa has been successful in taking steps in this direction. This is your only hope. The North and East Syria administration is a valuable asset. The value of Rojava should be seen all over the world. You will achieve your goals with the support of the people.”

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