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The US sanctions are not about these human rights issues. However, history teaches us that countries that begin with suppressing minorities, as the Kurds are suppressed in Turkey, end by launching militaristic wars. Turkey’s trend is similar to fascist states of the 1930s. It began with crushing dissent and minorities and women. It has ended by invading and ethnically cleansing Afrin in Syria, encouraging a war against Armenians and exporting extremists around the region. Turkey is also fanning flames of anti-Israel views, vowing to liberate Jerusalem and hosting Hamas terrorists as if Hamas is a government. Hamas gets more of a red carpet in Turkey than it does in Iran. Like Iran, Turkey supports the murderous terror group.Turkey has inflamed extremists in Syria, undermining the war against the Assad regime by recruiting Syrians to fight against Kurds, Armenians and in Libya. Turkey threatened our partners in Greece and Cyprus. It has even harassed an Israeli ship last year. The IDF and Mossad have both assessed that this is a growing challenge. Turkey has recently appointed a new envoy to Israel who is an anti-Israel extremist and accuses us of massacres and displacing people. Turkey’s new envoy should look in the mirror, it is his country that displaced 300,000 Kurds in Syria and his country that has rained terror on poor innocent women in places like Afrin and Serekaniye, and forced Armenians from their homes. While Israel is a state of diversity and tolerance, Turkey is a state of prisons. The US should keep up the sanctions and isolate Turkey until it changes. 

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