Turkey’s regime led by Recep Tayyip Erdogan has roots in the Muslim Brotherhood and is the main opponent of Egypt’s current leadership.

Turkey empowered extremists, its gangs of mercenaries kidnapped, tortured, raped and disappeared women and forced all the minority Christians and Yazidis in Turkish-occupied northern Syria to flee.

Turkey spoke Trump’s language, offering him a transaction: Give us Syria, the Kurds are a waste of your time, we will deal with them, and your troops can go home. This led the White House to say it would leave Syria in December 2018. The US brought in new envoys known to be pro-Ankara, James Jeffrey and Joel Rayburn. Turkey would come first. It would run the Middle East as the new cop in the region for America. Those who had fought and died alongside Americans, the Kurds in eastern Syria, would have to be jettisoned or killed. Turkey expanded its wars in Syria, first invading northern Syria in August 2016 to stop the US advance against ISIS in Manbij. US commanders had plans to take Raqqa and Turkey pretended they could help but the US CENTCOM brass and Pentagon head Ash Carter affirmed that Turkey never put forward a real proposal. Ankara’s goal was to stall for time. Having enabled 50,000 people to join ISIS, many ISIS members were not transiting Turkey to Idlib province. Turkey sent forces into Idlib as well in 2017 to shield the area from a Russian-backed Syrian regime offensive. Next, Turkey’s regime set its eyes on peaceful Afrin, a Kurdish agricultural area with Christians and Yazidis and diversity. 167,000 Kurds and Yazidis and minorities were ethnically cleansed in January 2018 by Turkey’s army and Syrian rebels it had recruited to fight Kurds. Turkey’s goal now in 2018 was to refashion the remnants of the Free Syrian Army into a mercenary army for Ankara to be used as shock troops against Kurds and then later in Libya and Azerbaijan to behead Armenians and attack enemies of Ankara. Poor Syrians would be armed and turned into cannon fodder.  

Ethnically-cleansed Kurds were pushed into freezing cold, muddy refugee camps. Jihadists who call Jews “dogs” and vow to behead the “infidel pigs” were recruited by Ankara to kill Kurds, Armenians and eventually Jews, if they could find them. Soon Hamas terror leaders were getting the red carpet in Ankara. Media reports suggested Hamas planned terror attacks from Turkey, set up cyber warfare facilities and operated freely. Ankara, which claimed to be “fighting terror” seemed to have a lot of known terrorists freely operating inside Turkey. ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi’s family travelled through Turkey, and he set up a villa within a few kilometers of the Turkish border in Idlib.  

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