Turkey commits crime of crimes, they must be pinned

Jan Vermont indicated that Turkey committed “the crime of crimes” with its aggression against Afrin, and stressed that the crime of aggression must be confirmed because all its crimes were committed under this crime. He noted that the main goal is to hit the Democratic Autonomous Administration and the Kurds.

Under the auspices of the Research and Women’s Rights in Syria Organization, the Law Initiative Organization, the Rojava Center for Strategic Studies, the Human Rights Organization of Afrin – Syria and the Human Rights Organization in the Jazira, the second forum work on crimes committed by the Turkish occupation army and its mercenaries in the occupied Afrin canton, in Qamishlo, started.

The third axis of the Second Human Rights forum on human rights crimes in Afrin, Syria, included “the Occupation Crime under International Law”, through a lecture given via Zoom by Jean Vermont, a lawyer at the Brussels Bar since 1989 and a specialist in international, European and Belgian Crime Law and international humanitarian law.

Vermont noted that the UN’s Charter stipulates in Article 2 (in Clauses 3 and 4) the following: All members of the Commission shall settle their international disputes by peaceful means in a way that does not put the international peace, security and justice at risk, and that all members refrain from threatening to use force or its use against territorial integrity, political independence of any country, or in any other way inconsistent with the purposes of the United Nations

Turkey makes excuses to strike the Kurds in Syria

Jan Vermont indicated that Turkey exploits the Self-defense clause to legitimize its invasion against Syria and occupied Afrin, noting that the resistance of the people of Afrin was legitimate under the UN charters, which clarifies in its clauses that it is a natural right if a group defend itself while under attack. . He said, “Turkey makes the excuses to strike the Kurds in Syria.”

He emphasized that the crime of aggression, according to international conventions, is the crime of crimes because it is against humanity, and Turkey has committed this crime through its direct intervention in Afrin and Syria. The aggressor is tried under the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court adopted in Rome, under Article 8, which includes war crimes. The people of Afrin were subjected to torture or inhuman treatment, deliberate infliction of severe suffering or serious harm to the body or health, and widespread destruction and taking over the property without military necessity justifying this and in violation of the law and in an absurd way.

Vermont explained that Turkey used mercenaries in its aggression against Afrin, contradicting the United Nations charters and principles.

He indicated that Turkey’s main goal was to hit the Autonomous Administration there, and stressed that the crime of aggression must be pinned because all crimes were committed under its roof.

The interventions in the third axis included that the crimes committed in Afrin are crimes classified under ethnic cleansing category. It was the leaders of the Turkish army who committed it. The interventions denounced the international cover provided by the international community to the mercenaries who commit crimes against the people of Afrin and based in Idlib.

The interventions stressed the need to intensify efforts to stop the crimes committed by Turkey against the people of Afrin, and then work to end the Turkish occupation, compensate those affected in all respects, and prepare files in detail on all crimes.

The work of the second human rights forum on Afrin will be concluded by reading a statement that includes recommendations and outputs.

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