In an interview with KurdPress, Nafe Abdullah, a member of the Central Committee of the Syrian Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP.S), referred to the election of Brett McGurk by US President-elect Joe Biden (as Senior Director of the National Security Council in Washington’s Middle East and North Africa policy) and stated his impact on the situation in Syrian Kurdistan, adding that: “Brett McGurk played an important role in arming the People’s Defense Forces (YPG) and the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) to fight ISIS and sent a lot of military aid to these forces.”

“But McGurk did no service to the Kurdish issue in Syria in the national interest of the Kurds and did not play a role in the Kurdish-Kurdish negotiations between the Kurdish Patriotic Council (ENKS) and the Kurdish Patriotic Union (PYNK),” Mr. Abdullah added.Erdogan’s Islamic credentials no longer a winning hand among Turkey’s Kurds

The Kurdistan Region of Iraq represents a historical precedent that should not be copied. Since 2016, Turkey has increasingly and repeatedly targeted civilians there, even though the region’s Kurdish administration formally cooperates with Turkey. The short-sighted approach that the United States took vis-à-vis the Iraqi Kurds – only granting them autonomy if they agree to act as a proxy force for Turkey – has enabled this.

Erdogan and the AKP have carved an Islamist mission for the army — the Diyanet issues calls to battle. This is an insult to Islam; it’s alienating people from Islam and the AKP,” said Sidki Zilan, a Kurdish lawyer and activist who defended Hizbullah detainees.

Joe Biden as well as his secretaries of state and of defense, respectively Antony Blinken and Lloyd Austin, have much experience on the Kurdish question and, to some extent, strong pro-Kurdish records.

For a growing number of Kurds, Erdogan has come to embody twin evils: Erbakan’s neo-Ottoman paternalism and a cruelly anti-Kurdish state.

He further said: “McGurk was against the referendum of independence in the Iraqi Kurdistan region and had a negative impact on the public opinion of American politicians on the issue of the referendum.”

The KDP.S committee member also stated: “We hope that this time McGurk can work to bring the Kurdish movements in Syria closer together and guarantee the interests of the Kurds in Syria.”

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